Traffic & Parks Unit


The Traffic Enforcement Unit assures the safe, orderly flow of traffic and discourages criminal activity within the city of Clarksville. This unit is comprised of dedicated traffic personnel to prevent traffic crashes, reduce violations and deter criminal behavior. The Traffic Enforcement Unit implements the use of traffic crash data, roadway traffic volume/conditions, traffic enforcement statistics, and criminal activity to establish areas of enforcement. 


In coordination with Parks & Recreation, the Clarksville Police Department performs law enforcement functions necessary to ensure safety within all city park facilities. This unit boasts a Maritime Boat Patrol, under the purview of the Traffic Enforcement Unit, to enforce boating laws and to ensure areas of concentration.


When a fatal or serious traffic crash occurs within the city of Clarksville, the Clarksville Police Department turns to the Fatal Accident Crash Team (FACT) to conduct an in-depth investigation. The FACT Team consists of five investigators that are on call 24 hours a day to respond to all crashes involving: death, critical injury, police vehicle where injuries occur, and any motor vehicle crash of a complex nature where the FACT Team's specific training and expertise would be beneficial. All investigators receive advanced training in the specialized field of crash investigation and reconstruction.

2021 Crashes by Month

CPD Boat Patrol 2


  1. Chad Koyama

    Traffic & Parks / Community Relations Commander

  1. Vincent Lewis

    Lieutenant / Traffic & Parks Unit

  1. Bret Norfleet

    Special Events / Crossing Guards

  1. Gary Mefford

    F.A.C.T. Supervisor

  1. Sean Walden

    Sergeant / Traffic & Parks Unit

  1. Maurice Nesbitt

    Sergeant / Traffic & Parks Unit

  1. Ivan Szczerbiak

    Sergeant / Traffic & Parks Unit

  1. Andrew Hurst

    Sergeant / Traffic & Parks Unit