Call Before You Dig, Call 811

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August 11: National 811 Day!

Always Call 811 before digging!

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility. Always call 811 or 800-351-1111 before you begin any digging project to avoid damaging underground utility lines. 

Are you planning an outdoor project like building a new swimming pool, installing a fence, planting a garden or constructing a new building? If so, please take a few moments and call 811 first!

Tennessee 811

Calling 811 gets you in touch with your local advance notification system, Tennessee 811, to alert utility companies, including Clarksville Gas and Water, to mark underground lines bTennessee 811 logo Opens in new windowefore beginning a digging project. The service is free of charge and homeowners and construction professionals alike are required by law to call the service in advance of digging. Failure to comply can result in fines and possible harm to you and others around you if you or your hired contractor hit an underground utility line while digging.

Place one simple call to 811 or 800-351-1111, 72 hours prior to digging. Provide them with the information concerning your work and a locator will be sent to mark underground utility lines with paint or flags. This easy step can help prevent excavation damage to:

  • Inconvenient Service Disruptions
  • Pipelines
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Utilities
  • Water Lines

Remember, it’s the law! (Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 65, Chapter 31 (PDF))


Once you begin digging it’s important to know that when lines are marked, every effort is made to place the markings directly above the pipe, but the location could vary two feet in either direction. Depth of the pipeline is not usually indicated, requiring extreme caution while excavating in close proximity of a marked facility. It is required that pipelines be exposed by hand digging.

Additional Information

Enjoy your outdoor projects all year long, but be smart and be safe first by calling 811 every time you dig. Know what’s below! For more information please visit the Tennessee 811, or the 811 Know What’s Below websites.



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